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Grey’s Anatomy – Gay Storyline

  • tw319884
  • November 7, 2018

02 parts | airing season 15 trailer | imdb | how to watch Levi Schmitt (a.k.a. Glasses) is an intern in Seattle General Hospital, a bit nerdy but he starts to discover a few feelings when he meets Dr. Nico Kim, an openly gay ortho doc who he constantly flirts until things develop even further….

Jamal’s Gay Storyline – Part 63

  • tw319884
  • November 7, 2018

Part 63 – Kai finally appears after being kidnapped. Jamal reunites with him and Cookie finds out Kai is HIV+ which makes her extremely concerned about Jamal’s health. Lucious takes a surprising position about it. And Kai and Jamal decide to take things to the next level. Part 63 – streamable | openload | streamango…

Jamal’s Gay Storyline – Part 61 & 62

  • tw319884
  • October 26, 2018

Part 61 & 62 – Jamal and Kai are running into some issues when he goes to do some reporting to Africa. Later, Jamal remembers how he met Kai once he’s told Kai can’t be found and he’s probably been kidnapped. Part 61 – streamable | openload | streamango | streamcherry | | vidlox…

Jamal’s Gay Storyline – Part 60

  • tw319884
  • October 6, 2018

Part 60 – Jamal has to deal with Hakeem’s anctics and now that his family is trying to rebuild Empire, Jamal tells Kai he needs to stay in NY. He asks Kai to stay with him for a few months so Kai looks for a job…that makes Jamal a bit jealous. Part 60 – streamable…

Charlie & Matteusz’s Gay Storyline – Part 16

  • tw319884
  • October 2, 2018

Part 16 – Class returns! The new audio adventures are set before the season finale. Matteusz joins Charlie on the school gym after hours. Once Matteusz gets a bit horny and drops an ‘I love you’ to Charlie he can’t stop talking… he physically can’t stop. so Charlie seeks for Quill’s help. Part 16 –…

Jamal’s Gay Storyline – Part 59

  • tw319884
  • September 29, 2018

Part 59 – Empire returns. Jamal has been living in London for a while and over there he got himself a new boyfriend, Kai. (Played by Sense8’s Toby Onwumere) When Jamal returns home he finds out things are not going well between Cookie and Lucious, Andre is in jail and Hakeem threatens Kai with a…

Jude’s Gay Storyline – Part 23

  • tw319884
  • August 27, 2018

Part 23 – Noah starts to pursue a controversial story until he finds out Jude is involved. Lionel tries to change Eve’s mind. Jude decides to come clean and tell Noah what he’s been hiding at work. Noah decides to kill his story if it hurts Jude, yet he gives him an ultimatum. Part 23…